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Marrying after the IPO means there at least wouldn’t be a dispute about how much Zuckerberg was worth at the time of their romantic joining-of-assets.A prenup, if they signed one, would clarify matters further and could shield them from the communal-property laws.

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Mark has been dating “Cilla” for longer than he’s been running Facebook, which means the two have had nine years to get used to the idea of being obscenely rich together.

They have also been in Palo Alto, Calif., long enough to know the special agony of a Silicon Valley divorce.

Pay Pal founder Elon Musk has had two very public divorces in the last four years, the first of which was live-blogged by his ex.

A source close to Zuckerberg has said the timing of the banns was purely coincidental, since the IPO date was a “moving target.” Keep in mind a source close to Zuckerberg also said it was pure coincidence that the Facebook CEO went on Oprah to announce a $100 million gift to the Newark Public School district right before the release of The Social Network, which depicted him as selfish, callous, and almost pathologically anti-social.

Either Mark Zuckerberg is the dumb-luckiest 28-year-old in America or sources close to him think we’re all idiots.

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