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It spawned hit singles like “Lose Control,” arguably more a showcase for featured vocalist Ciara than Elliott herself, and fan favorite “On and On,” which featured Pharrell (yes, he was ubiquitous then, too).Later that month, she lip-synched through a sad rendition of “Lose Control” with Fatman Scoop and Ciara at the BET Awards.

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Here’s Missy’s theme song, which spells the conceit out pretty succinctly.

On July 5 of that year, Missy Elliott released The Cookbook, a 16-song long record that marked her last full-length release.

It was heinously cheesy, and its winner, Jessica Betts, couldn’t find mainstream success outside of the show.

Madonna popped up in one episode, which was about as weird as you’d imagine.

Below, Vulture pieces together what Missy has been up to in the meantime, from her well-loved VH1 Inside the Music special to last night’s stellar return to form.