Who is sergio romo dating

1) Former Miss Spain, Elizabeth Reyes, is his ex-girlfriend.

2) According to Bleacher Report, Sergio Ramos’ Girlfriend is Nani Gaitan and she is Top 11 in their Top 20 WAGs of Soccer Elite last May 24, 2010. Apparently this is a rumor which many sites support, but I haven’t found any pics at all of them together.

She met a bullfighter at the competition and dated him for a couple of years which catapulted her to the mainstream Spanish media. She has appeared in Crónicas marcianas (The Martian Chronicles), La Isla de los famosos (the Spanish Celebrity Love Island) and the comedy show Sábado noche(Saturday Night). My theory is if he had one he would be with her to celebrate – just like Iker and Sara.

She is with the Spanish defender Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid, Spain). Heck even Ronaldo left his new born son to be with his girl in New York!

I’ve been getting many more searches for Sergio Ramos’ girlfriend just in time for the Euro 2012.