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list, Apple CEO Tim Cook didn’t mention anything about having a partner. But he also asked the media to respect his privacy. It’s just that it’s hard to believe that such a smart, thoughtful, and attractive gentleman wouldn’t already be hitched.

Which got us to thinking about playing fantasy matchmaker.

Pairs of high-school-aged fencers face off on narrow strips, lunging at each other with sabers. Gunn may seem sure of himself — because he always does — but he is as raw and inexperienced as anyone in the gym.

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Harry Louis Now that he and fashion designed Marc Jacobs had called it quits, adult model Harry Louis is back on the market.

The brown-eyed beauty would make a sweet piece of eye candy at all those swanky tech conferences, assuming Cook is cool with playing Daddy to a porn star. Cook is looking to pair up with another successful businessman, venture capitalist Peter Thiel would make an excellent candidate.

NEW YORK — Tim Gunn sits on a bench in a long room that was once the cafeteria of a Manhattan school. He moves from pair to pair, doling out advice and pushing athletes who are struggling.

And gay men do interracial marriage better than anyone. Cook is looking for someone a little less, well, journalistic than either Anderson or Don, Andy Cohen would be a fun boyfriend. The Bravo exec, who is currently in the running for Top Dog Over 40 in the 2014 Queerties, doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously. The only conflict may be in the bedroom, since Andy’s allegedly a total top.

But we’re sure they could find a way to work that out.