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She put her new drive down to "turning 50; to do with the menopause; to being unloved; to being single; and self-preservation".

The next 30 years all I want to do is concentrate on work."That work can often look like a homage to the morning after, what with that condom-strewn bed and a tent embroidered with the names of all the people she had ever slept with.

But that was then."I've never had ambition, but it feels different now. Twenty years ago, I would have argued life is more important.

The one-time enfant terrible of the Brit Art scene wants to leave her hedonistic self behind as she rebrands herself three days before her 50th birthday as a workaholic.

Emin has pledged to turn her back on her notorious ability to party and focus instead on her work for at least the next three decades."I'm prioritising all shows: stuff I previously would have said I couldn't physically do; now I'll say yes," she said.