Will updating itunes delete my music dating a gemini woman

Apple said my music was never deleted and that it was in the cloud the entire time.

I arrived at Apple this morning to talk to them about my issues with Apple Music and to hopefully fix my problems.

The good news is that I have about 99 percent of my music back. The missing and duplicate song issues that we’ve all seen in Apple Music are being fixed shortly.

They are certainly aware of what’s been going on, I can assure you. I am an i Tunes Match customer and have been since the service started.

This allowed me to have all of my music in one library, match it to i Cloud and then stream my songs from any device. When I bought a new device, I just logged into i Cloud, turned on i Tunes Match and all of my songs were there.

Some of the songs I own were incorrectly tagged as Apple Music, but that’s been fixed too, which means they show up correctly in i Tunes. However, I’m still missing a couple of hundred songs.