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Much of his recent Instagram appears to be The Royals themed, like this recent photo of them wearing similar outfits that their boss, Director of Scripted Programming and Development at E! Finally, Park and Austen's real-life banter was recently documented by Bustle's own Associate TV Editor Martha Sorren in a game of guessing the movie titles in emoji with The Royals cast. Park's character Princess Eleanor always has her personal life in the tabloids, so let's give the actress some privacy.

Though it should be noted that more recently, his photos look more platonic than the ones Park shares.

SO please dont say something which is not required.

Just like the fictional tabloid D-Throned, fans of the E! And in what will surely become a tradition every time a new season of The Royals begins or ends, it's time to start theorizing whether or not Alexandra Park and Tom Austen are dating in real-life. 15, Eleanor and Jasper have already flashed some onscreen chemistry again, but do their actor counterparts share the same spark?

Hopefully, they will, becuase both of them are REALLY close. We have 3 kids- Georgia(adopted who acted as Lucy) Rachel and Daisy.

I would love it if they did, but sadly they are and always have been JUST friends :[ Like another person said, they flirt a lot, but it's harmless flirting. that would be awesome if they were dating cause they look great together!!!!!!!!!!