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I was married to a woman here in the USA, and if she was half as amazing as the Asian girls who I have been talking to, I think I would have been more attentive to her, and I bet she would have been more attentive to me too (it takes two to argue do not forget that).

Pros: lots of pretty girls who want someone to save them from where they are now, they are looking for...

The website is full of cute girls wanting to scam you.

When you ask for help from the security dept of Asian Dating you receive no help. Girls are wanting you to sponsor you right from the beginning. I just started to us this site as a 31 year old white American guy, and I started out with a 3-month gold account.

They want you to sent money in their name and once you do they don't show up. Most of the girls on the site do not speak English well, so be ready for that.