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Fully functional, completely free password crackers do exist alongside the many premium password crackers that you might find doing a quick search.

The best of these free passwords crackers are included in the various password cracker categories below: Important: Password crackers and other kinds of password recovery and finder tools are legitimate programs to help discover or reset lost passwords.

More » A Word password cracker is a piece of software that either removes or finds the Microsoft Word document open password.

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Most free Word password crackers are brute force password A RAR password cracker is a software tool that can find the RAR default password, the password you're prompted for when you try to extract the contents of an encrypted RAR file.

Some password crackers for Windows are actual password recovery tools.

Ophcrack is by far the most popular true Windows password tools.

If you've lost your Windows password and can't login anymore, one of these password crackers can help.

Most of these programs are Windows password tools, like Offline NT Password and Registry Editor, PC Login Now, and a few others.