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If you are an existing Thawte customer you can renew your certificate as indicated in the terms above. The only difference seems to be the renewal certificate was issued by "Thawte Code Signing CA - G2" while the old one was simply "Thawte Code Signing CA" . The update method for signed XAPs requires the same signing authority to be used...otherwise the actual signatures are different.If you have questions, please contact their customer service area. Well, I solved the issue with the help of Thawte customer support. Export your new Thawte Code Signing CA Certificate as a PKCS #7 (. I tried to email direct, but the email you left was invalid. I renewed my Thawte certificate without making any changes to the order, but the renewal certificate issuer has "-G2" added to the end of the issuer name.Today I just got an email from their marketing department that they would like to offer Silverlight developers a discount on Thawte code-signing certificates to for a 1-year…about 70% off their current rate. It actually issued, but there was no way to export the PFX. Fire up Windows XP Virtual PC like I did and issue the request and use the same machine to pick it up and export.

This is actually something we are looking to address in future versions of Silverlight. It is important for future versions, especially seeing that the developer, as in my case, may not have control over when the certificate issuer is changed.

For my current users, is there any solution, other than having them uninstall and reinstall OOB?

To install it manually from an SD card, choose one of the server location above to get the XAP file for Whats App, move the file to your phone's SD card and then tap 'Install local apps' in the phone's App list. Appx4only share the original XAP installer for Whats App v2.12.226.0.

For more information on XAP signing and the reasons/benefits see these posts: Hey Tim, I just signed up and received my code signing certificate from Thawte. One issue - and I used my XP mode Virtual PC within Windows 7 to use IE6 - is that I can't export the certificate as . When I start the cert export wizard, it never shows the "Private key" option yes/no, and the PFX format is greyed out. So the issuer is now "Thawte Code Signing CA-G2" instead of simply "Thawte Code Signing CA"So my OOB installation does not auto update with the new certificate.

I have corrected my email address: [email protected] - yes, the name of the CA would cause a difference in the signature and invalidate the ability to see them as the same.