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It sucks and people thinking they are the smartest, Well, I'll give you a bit of better knowledge If you really know Pokemon and Have been with for the real 20 years, (Btw, Pokemon will end At the Remakes of Pokemon ...- First off, what is your favorite kind of car? (they were the cover picture) c; And if it's hard to see their face- Onto question four! " "No you're not, not yet." Slender scowls,- Jack tackles me to the ground, wrestling till he manages to pin me underneath him. " I hiss- There, in the mean time, was Hoodie standing before you with a gun trained on you, grasping it tightly, he remained silent. Even before Smosh Games I've been a gamer girl, my favorites game is most likely Skyrim since Open World games are my my absolute passion!

So, People Trying to be smart because Pokemon Go is out for more than a month. S...- You took hold of my sleeve, guiding me along "Okay, don't look back! " I agreed, gasping as I nearly trip ove- "I don't have such urges." Toby's face screws up "I'm out of here! Bland enough so as to be appropriate for school, but colorful enough so that it doesn't look too plain. Maybe high school wouldn't be so bad after all. She swallowed hard and awkwardly peered towards the sunset. And for once, she actually had the intention to lie. This is something I been hoping for since September, a position in the Smosh games cast.

Well, this is my first quiz, so it will probably suck. :3 My tastes might be different than yours, and I'm a bit new to the anime world, so if you don't like my choices of anime... I bit my lip, possible word choices tumbling through my head. White jacket over a gray shirt, gray skirt, blue neck bow. When we arrived, I couldn't help but gasp in awe of the large school. " He asked softly, a small smirk forming on his lips. I was never good under pressure, especially in this case.

I made this for fun, so that all of you romance anime lovers out there can test your stuff. So you hopped on, played for a little bit, then you went mining until you sadly, fell into the lava. I was happy, my minuscule standards satisfied with the little I had to give them. My mom and my dad, good people but very outspoken,"Hey Mar? "Yes Caspar." I mumbled, rubbing the drowsiness out of my eyes. Promise that this-whatever we have-will be stronger then-" He paused. Ashley's POV I put on my new uniform as I looked in the mirror. Sighing, I grabbed my new teal back pack and followed her out the door. ​Tommen suddenly shook his head and told his uncle no. They are too"Do you deny that you're in love with me? Basil had been mostly sympathetic to his plights, at least enough to help him find bus schedules but not enough to drive him to work every day. “Well, I wasn’t wrong.” Oh that bastard sounded so fucking smug, he wa(*Readers POV*) I walk in the building most likely sweating already with my hair stuck on my fore head.

- What would you do if you were offered to exchange where someone was hiding for everything you had ever wanted.- What is your favorite dessert? There will be a bit of Roleplay in the answers so enjoy it if possible. x D Please don't take any of it seriously ^^"- Hey!!! It is only available in Japan, I payed about 90 bucks to get it shipped. cause who can't love a good roleplay Brook Everett has loved video games ever since she was 5.